The SRVUSD BOE Has Failed Our Children
A Board controlled by special interests cannot properly represent its #1 constituent - the students. The interests of the San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA) are not always aligned with the interests of the students, and in fact in some circumstances, directly conflict.
As the financial pie shrinks (as it is projected to over the next few years), a Union-controlled Board will inherently favor SRVEA at the expense of our students.
Ken Mintz, Rachel Hurd and Susanna Ordway have demonstrably failed to be an effective counter-balance to SRVEA, as exhibited by the recent abrupt reversal of the decision concerning school re-opening, prompted by Union demands. That decision underscored that our current school Board lacks sufficient independence from special interests.
It's not just families with students in our schools that will be impacted by a hijacked Board. Property values and local businesses will be negatively impacted if families are no longer attracted to our community (and are actively leaving) due to the state of our school district.